Preparation method of Jiangmen fish grain

2021-08-06 1515

The way to make fish food is very simple. First of all, we should prepare materials, such as carrots, corn, wheat bran, pork and shrimp. Wash and shred the carrots, wash the corn and pork, put them into the mixer together with the shrimp, add an appropriate amount of water and start mixing. Don't make them too thin. Add wheat bran after mixing for a period of time, continue mixing, take them out and knead them into a ball, and then you can feed them.

I. prepared materials

Making fish food must ensure sufficient nutrients and delicious together, so that fish not only love to eat, but also help them grow. The materials usually need to be prepared include shrimp, corn, carrots, wheat bran and pork. Among them, for some colorful fish, shrimp is particularly important, and its astaxanthin is very helpful for fish hair color.

II. Processing of food materials

First of all, choose fresh corn with water. Don't use dry corn. If not, you can also use corn flour. Then prepare pork, which is usually fed to medium and large fish, and small fish don't need it. In addition, the carrot should be washed clean and cut into filaments.


III. mixing

To make fish food, you need a mixer. Put shrimp, corn, pork and shredded carrot inside. Add an appropriate amount of water and start mixing. It should be noted that you can't add too much water. Don't make it too thin. After mixing for a while, add a little wheat bran to make it viscous, and then take it out and knead it into a ball.

IV. how to store

The self-made fish grain has no preservative, so the storage resistance is not very strong. It is usually made now when eating. If it is done too much, you can prepare a bag, put the rest in it and freeze it at the base of the refrigerator. However, the freezing time should not be too long. If you feed it in two weeks, it will be stale if the time is too long.

Article source: Jiangmen fish food