How to choose good fish food and feed in Jiangmen

2021-10-16 1210

As a fish feed supplier, let's talk about how to be a good fish feed.

What we should remember is that we can look at the packaging of fish feed. Regular manufacturers have ingredient introduction. There must be fish meal in fish feed. It must be better to have more fish meal. The next step is to open the package. The next thing to do is to see the uniformity of particles and the color of feed. Good feed particles are relatively uniform. If the feed particles look uneven in size, you should be careful. In addition, it depends on the particle color. If the color is too red, it is not good. It feels better if it is light red and shiny. Then smell. You can also try to smell the taste of fish feed. Good fish feed doesn't smell pungent. Generally, there is no pungent taste.


Good feed has a fishy smell at the beginning. Even if it smells for a long time, it won't smell. In fact, if you don't mind, you can taste it. Professional fish friends can taste the feed themselves. If there is no astringent taste and fishy smell, it will melt in the mouth. Such fish feed is a good feed. Put a little pellet feed into the water to see its divergence speed in the water. The fish feed should not exceed 4 minutes. In addition, after spreading, the feed is layered in water, and its main raw materials, bran and impurities can be further observed.

The article comes from; Jiangmen fish grain