How to choose the right food for your favorite Koi

2020-09-04 1988

1. Sense organ

As we always go to the market to buy rice in our daily life, we should choose those with good color and color, no mildew, no caking, no bad smell. In addition to the smell of fish, there is also a fishy smell for the top grade products.

2. Fat

The requirement of fat for koi is higher, and the digestibility of fat is 10% - 20% higher than that of protein (70-80%). Therefore, the condition of fat in feed becomes an important evaluation index.

3. Feed granularity

According to the size of the fish, 80% of the bait for juveniles is required to pass the 100 mesh analysis screen; 80% of the bait for the juvenile fish is required to pass the 80 mesh analysis screen; and 80% of the adult fish is required to pass the 60 mesh analysis screen. In short, the bigger the fish, the bigger the feed particles.


4. Cohesiveness mainly refers to the stability of feed in water. The good adhesiveness ensures that the feed is not easy to collapse in water, and the water quality is maintained; however, excessive adhesion will also affect the digestion and absorption of Koi. Therefore, the feed for juveniles should not collapse for less than 3 hours; the feed for juvenile fish should not collapse for less than 2.5 hours; and the feed for adult fish should not collapse for less than 2 hours.

5. Water content ≤ 10% is good. As we all know, koi is omnivorous fish. Through long-term experiments, experts have concluded that for Koi, 70% - 80% of animal feed stations and 20% - 30% of plant feed meet health standards.

Koi can adapt to a wide range of food, and the requirements for living conditions are not too high. In short, it is easy to raise and has strong vitality. In addition to eating some plant fragments, algae, shrimp, red blood worm and water earthworm, it will not refuse artificial feed. At present, there are many kinds of feeds for Koi. Generally, they are made of starch, fat, protein and vitamins. They are rich in nutrition and easy to feed. They are very suitable for breeders

Source: Jiangmen fish food