How to identify the quality of Jiangmen fish food?

2021-08-03 1415

Look at the color. People generally fall into the misunderstanding that good color is good fish food. In fact, many businesses will add pigment in order to look good. Although the fish food looks red, it has a poor effect on the redness of fish. For novice fish farmers, we must get rid of such misunderstandings.

Second, smell the taste. Good ornamental fish food is generally made of shrimp powder and carotene. It tastes fragrant and has a strong smell of fish and shrimp. The secondary fish food, without adding pigment, or made of deteriorated fish and shrimp, tastes very fishy.


Three look at the poop. Whether fish food is good or not depends on the function and the defecation of fish. If you feed good fish food, the fish's stool is dark brown, and it is not easy to disperse when it sinks into the bottom of the water. The second feeding of fish food, stool is red, and will also cause the water in the fish tank to turn red. This kind of fish food, no matter what brand, needs to be stopped immediately and will no longer be purchased. If you continue to take this fish food, it will pose a great threat to the physiological structure of ornamental fish. This is especially important for tropical ornamental fish food.

Fourth, look at the price. The price of ornamental fish food is closely related to its components. When buying, you should not be greedy for cheap. You should choose the one that is not the cheapest, but the one with the highest cost performance. Good fish food uses natural shrimp powder, and the price is certainly higher than that of secondary fish food. Therefore, for novices in fish farming, it is best to ask the market price of fish food first, so as to know it well and buy it.

Article source: Jiangmen fish food